Thursday, April 22, 2021

How To Pick The Right Juicer

Choosing a juicer is a little like choosing a dentist. It's hard. As you compare different juicer models in the kitchen appliance section of your favorite home store, you struggle to understand words like centrifugal, masticating and triturating and wonder if you'll really be able to select one that will actually work for you. Choosing a juicer doesn't have to be hard, but in order to choose the right juicer, there are some things that you will have to consider first before buying one.

Having the right juicer for a specific kind of food can help you get the maximum yield from your fruits or vegetables. If you are thinking of juicing wheatgrass or other leafy vegetables, a citrus juicer won't be able to give you the best yield. There are citrus juicers, fruit and vegetable juicers and the newest kind, for wheatgrass. 

But if you can't choose among these because you need your juicer to do a little of everything, consider choosing a multi-purpose juicer. They are a bit more expensive than produce specific juicers, but ultimately you end up getting what you pay for because multi-purpose juicers are pretty efficient at juicing almost everything. It also beats having to buy three different juicers.

Other than the types of foods that it can juice, you also have to consider the juicing process that the juicer uses classifying juicers into three main categories. The most common (and cheapest) type is the centrifugal juicer. 

These are usually incredibly fast and effective. The downside to centrifugal juicers is that they can generate a large amount of heat which can strip the juice of enzymes, minerals and vitamins, negatively affecting the quality of the juice. 

Masticating or Single Gear juicers are now the most recommended types of juicers because they are just as effective as centrifugal juicers but, since they operate at a slower speed, very low heat is generated which means only a few nutrients are lost. 

Triturating or twin gear juicers are the last category usually considered and they are usually reserved for very serious or hard core juicers because they come fully loaded with features and extras that the others don't to deliver speed, convenience and performance. They are considered the best in the industry.

A few things to consider about your future juicer are user-friendliness and practicality. If your juicer comes with complicated steps to follow before you can enjoy your apple juice or a small chute for food entry making you spend an immense amount of your time chopping fruits or vegetables then that defeats the purpose of convenience.

You also have to consider if the juicer is easy to clean. Does it come with removable parts, especially for those hard to reach areas? Having dishwasher safe parts can certainly save you time and will make you want to use it again. If it has metal-like parts, you should ask if it's made of stainless steel, because if not, it will eventually rust over time.

All these aspects are important when selecting a juicer, but what if you just don't know where to start even when it comes to the small stuff? 

What if you're a total newbie? Finding websites that give honest and thorough juicer ratings and reviews will help. 

Evaluating juicer ratings can help you compare the different juicer models that can possibly fit your needs and the best part of them is that they come from consumers who already have experience with what you are looking for.

Doing just a little research in the right places can help you select the right juicer the first time around without pain and regret. It can even be enjoyable since you know that you're going to get the juicer of your dreams. Nothing against teeth, but the same probably can't be said about dentists.